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                   Your quality alternative to multiple technician labs!

For 24 years, Pilot Orthodontics has offered 1st class services nationally.

With 29 years of experience in orthodontics, 10 years as a technical columnist and lab consultant, and a strong foundation in all disciplines of dental technology, our master technician is able to provide accurate appliances, delivered on schedule, to your exacting specifications.  From Functional and Active appliances, to ALFs and Crozats, Splints and Hawleys, we're here for your orthodontic needs.

You won't find technical pictures of appliances on this site.  We are a small lab with no time to work on displays.  We are busy fabricating usable appliances for our offices. In fact, display models rarely depict the actual work you'll receive from a lab. Large labs have several levels of expertise, and will eventually pass you off to their less skilled technicians. With Pilot, there is only one tier, so the appliances you receive will always be consistent, first class quality!

You already know what an appliance should look like, the only sure way to know a lab's quality, is to experience it first hand!

(You can find Rx Sheets and Mailing Labels on our "Forms" page.)

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(Mandibular Advancement Device for MAXimum comfort)  

Anti-snore appliance!

We believe this to be the the most comfortable snore guard available.

(At a price that won't make you gasp for breath!) Call for details!​